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Poughkeepsie, United States

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Age: 67


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Personality: Generous

Looking at the possibility of retirement in the Philippines. Not wanting marriage, but would want to live together as a couple. If you have children, I am good with that, we would raise them with love together. 

Please note: I cannot have children anymore, so if you want children, I am not the man for you.

The best way to see if we are compatible if for me to tell you how I see my relationship to be with you. If you agree with me, please write. Here goes ....

My job is to make sure that you have a home, have food, have safety, have respect, have clothing and have love. I am the head of the unit, we discuss all matters but if we cannot agree, then as your man, I make the decision. I make sure that we have money for medical and travel and eating out, and also for your family when in need. We will never be rich, but we will have enough to live off of.

Your job is to provide the comfort for us as a couple. You teach me the way of your country, you stand at my side as my other half. We can both do the shopping and I will help with the cleaning, but I am terrible with laundry. 

There are no secrets between us because if we are together I trust you, trust you with my life. And that also means that if we are in danger, I will always stand between the danger and you. Your safety and security is the most important aspect of my life.

We spend time with your family, even take them in if needed, but if we do, I do need my private time with you. Even if they are living with us, I have to know that you will always be there for me.

What I will ask is that I become your number 1 priority, even before you family. For us to work, we have to be a unit. We do not let children or relatives come between us or cause us unhappiness in our life.

You and I become a couple, never married, but we become one person, together, forever.
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